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As a home improvement expert, we have been providing home repair, installation, remodeling and design solutions to clients in Moreno Valley, California. Done Right Handyman Contractor is the best choice for all your Moreno Valley handyman projects, and we have been serving our host and neighboring communities for quite some time. From garage and kitchen repair to painting ad plastering, and we handle our client’s home improvement project as if they belong to us. Whether you need a simple siding repair in your apartment or an appliance installation in your kitchen, our skilled handymen in Moreno Valley will provide solutions.

About Us

Done Right Handyman is independently owned and controlled by a pool of industry experts, and we aim to help homeowners achieve significant tasks on their to-do-list. Once you engage our contractors, they won’t rest until your project is completed and you are assured of peace of mind. As a reliable handyman and home improvement company in Moreno Valley, California, we offer solutions based on our specialty and knowledge. Over the years, our client base has grown than we have ever expected because of the commitment and effort we put in to ensure jobs are completed promptly to meet clients’ expectations.

Our Services

Are you searching for a professional home improvement contractor or a handyman company to help you handle repairs and installation tasks? Done Right Handyman Contractor has been in the business for several years and has provided handyman repair solutions to homeowners within Moreno Valley. All our contractors are fully insured and certified to carry out several handyman repairs for interested clients. In the end, the aim is to help you make your living comfortable. Based on our horizon of knowledge and years of experience in the home improvement industry, no handyman repair or installation project is small or big to handle. To ensure we help you manage all your home repairs, we are just a click & call away.

Painting and Plastering
Paints have a way of renewing the exterior and interior parts of your home or office. However, if the wall isn’t smooth enough, carrying out a painting task will be difficult. Hence, the painting and plastering services are interconnected. Your painting and plastering project will be done within high standard based on your estimated budget and stipulated time with our experienced contractors. Done Right Handyman Contractors specializes in rendering exceptional painting and plastering services in Moreno Valley.
Kitchen & Bathroom Repairs
The kitchen is the heart of the home, while a home without a bathroom is an incomplete building. We understand that there is a need to maintain the kitchen and bathroom to prevent future damages. In the advent where damage is caused, our professional contractors can offer kitchen and bathroom repair services that will help improve your home state. All our contractors are well-trained to handle any repairs in the kitchen and bathroom using the required tools.
Garage and Deck Repairs
Done Right Handyman Contractor provides garage and decking repair services to our clients at a reasonable rate. The decking repair involves restoring the surface area and making it fit for use again. To ensure we deliver quality garage and deck repair project, our contractor utilizes top-quality materials. However, before we begin the repair service, our contractor will inspect the area meant to be repaired then we recommend a sustainable solution.
Appliance Installations
Without a functional appliance within the home, living in your home or working in office space may be boring, and you’ll find it challenging to complete a few tasks. Done Right Handyman Contractors offer appliance installation services to clients in Moreno Valley, CA. In case you seek the help of a professional home improvement company to handle appliance repair services for you, you should think about the Done Right Handyman’s direction. Our installers are skilled and always available to do the right thing using the right equipment.
Roofing Repairs
Apart from protecting the home from external attacks and other elements, an adequately repaired roof can help improve any building’s curb appeal. Done Right Handyman Contractor is a leading home improvement in Moreno Valley, California, and we provide tailor-made roofing repair services for residential and commercial purposes. When you hire us to undertake your roofing repair in Moreno Valley, we guarantee our clients’ safety and properties. In case there is any property damage during the roofing repair process, we have an insurance cover that can take care of that aspect.
Siding Repairs
Done Right Handyman Contractor offers a variety of siding repair services. With us, you can worry less about any siding challenges you face in your home. We understand that faulty siding can expose your home to moisture and make it susceptible to other risks. Based on our level of expertise, we are the #1 siding repair contractor in Moreno Valley, CA.
Contact Us For More Information
No handyman project is too big or small for us at Done Right Handyman. Our handyman contractors are always alert to new clients as we already have a standard relationship with existing clients. If you need a free handyman quote for major or minor repairs in your home, then send us a mail. We will gladly reply to you accurately based on your request. Our phone lines are always on, but we have diverse clients we need to attend to daily, so you may try to reach us during work hours and find out that all our official contact lines are busy. If you need a prompt reply from Done Right Handyman, kindly shoot us a mail.
“Done Right Handyman, the name is working for the company. I didn’t believe I can rely on the service they offered to me. We didn’t start on a good note, but above all, it all ended well. I can confidently say, I enjoyed excellent service and prompt job delivery” – Jimmy G.
“Let me type this as it is straight from my heart. I want to acknowledge this handyman company for the excellent roofing repair job. The contractors had the required skills, and they came with all the machines and tools that they need including a ladder. I didn’t need to stress myself much to provide anything for them from my home. Of course, they were homely welcomed by my wife.” – Alexander Daniel.
“it took a lot of time before I could get these guys on board. I was trying to negotiate after their quote was sent. The work they did involve painting and plastering for my school. I run a private music school in Moreno. There were cracks around the wall, and I wanted to renew the wall painting. I was impressed with the delivery. I would recommend them, and notify them if we have projects in the future.” – Angela Alfred.