About Our Team

The setting of your home and other things that concern your home improvement is of utmost importance. Done Right Handyman Contractor is one of the trusted handyman companies in Moreno Valley, CA. Since we have been in the home improvement and repair industry, we’ve been able to serve thousands of homeowners and help them restore significant appliances in their homes. We aim to provide top quality home repair, remodel, and improvement services to our clients, whether existing or new. One of the factors that has made us stand out in the industry is that our contractors pay attention to details while executing a project task. Also, every project we embark on is being managed by a certified and experienced project manager.

Done Right Handyman is a reliable and professional company that offers first-hand handyman services in Moreno Valley and its surrounding environment. Our network of contractors is made up of qualified home repair personnel and skilled home improvement technician. We try as much as possible to achieve project goals as specified and agreed by the client and us before the implementation. Our value and work belief system guide how we work and interact with clients, thereby treating all clients, whether commercial and residential, with respect and honesty. Our honesty is high demonstrated when we set the price to any project and our approach to working with clients. We believe every homeowner should be the best they can be whenever they are on their property. Hence, we strive always to exceed the expectation of customers.